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ABOUT the South Salem Nursery School

The South Salem Nursery School was established in 1963 by the South Salem Presbyterian Church as a non-sectarian school, it is a modern facility with large, open, sun-filled classrooms, and a developmentally appropriate fenced playground for active recreation and creative outdoor play.

A developmental preschool, South Salem’s goal is to foster the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of young children by developing the preschooler’s delight in nature, music, art, literature, science, literacy, math, computers and culture.

An Exceptional Staff (hand-picked for their love of children) provides families and students with continuity and support. With an emphasis on kindergarten readiness, teachers work closely with the local school districts to ensure that their students are well prepared for elementary school while providing the children an atmosphere of fun, discovery and exploration.

With fifty years of experience educating almost three generations of local children in a central, convenient South Salem setting, South Salem Nursery School continually strives to have excellent communication with families throughout the school year by providing: open houses, parent coffees, curriculum nights, holiday celebrations, observation opportunities, one-on-one conferences, and class newsletters.

Our Teachers

The Director has more than 16 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education and the teachers are NYS certified or hold a degree in an appropriate educational equivalent.


Each year the staff takes advantage of professional classes and seminars to continue to advance their knowledge of early childhood development, trends in preschool education and other school related issues.

Our History

The South Salem Nursery School is located on a historic site in South Salem in a beautiful natural setting. 


Children ages two, three and four years of age enjoy the changing seasonal colors and nature exploration on almost four acres of quiet country property.

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